The New Adaptive LED Headlight

Daymaker LED headlights have been around for a bit, and while there’s no question as to the effectiveness of the LED headlight as far as being super bright and making everything in the beams reach –well, bright as day, there have been some limitations on the focus of the beam.

Daymaker has developed their technology, answering the call of their customers who complained that while the punch on high beam was fantastic, the beam itself was too narrow. And the width on low beam is nice, but the punch is too short.

The answer was obvious; make a combination of the two.

The latest Daymaker LED headlight combined the two, giving preference to punch on high beam, and width on low beam, but all the while the one offering supporting light on the other.

And that was great. Until you leaned your bike into a turn.

Anyone who has one is probably nodding their head right now. A current Daymaker owner knows that there is a sharp line where the light cuts off (so the bright light won’t blind an oncoming driver) and so when you lean the bike into a turn that line cuts a diagonal in the road, leaving the road your riding into pitch black until you straighten out again.

They won’t likely give up their Daymaker, it’s strength is too desirable. It would be like hiking with a zippo to light the trail, then being handed a massive flashlight. Sure the flashlight is heavier than the zippo, but you’ll put up with the inconvenience of the weight in favor of seeing the trail in front of you!

Did I say “latest”? I meant latest until the 2019 Harley-Davidson Dealer Show in San Diego. I was fortunate enough to attend the dealer show, and that’s where Daymaker introduced their new Adaptive LED Headlight!

Inside the headlight is a gyroscope, and as you lean the bike one way or another a series of peripheral LED lights come on, more and more with each increase in your lean angle. Those peripheral LED lights are focused across the beam of the headlight and illuminate deep into the curve that you’re riding into! Then as you come out of the lean the LED’s shut off, again, in proportion to the lean angle.

I have to say, I am incredibly impressed with the light!

It is available in the 2019 P&A catalog, and they were smart enough to make the fit retroactive several years (earlier or later years depending on the model).

The light comes in at $850, and if you’re one of those riders who likes to see when they’re riding, then it’s an $850 incredibly worth spending! We already got one in stock, come check it out!

Sorry. Those of you who know me know that I’ll be the first to tell you if I don’t think an accessory or an upgrade is worth it for you. If you don’t know me, come talk to me. I’m actually a terrible salesman. I just love talking bikes, and in our conversation we might discover something that I can recommend that’ll make your riding experience better. Or maybe not. But I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t greatly benefit from this new headlight!! And that’s why I wrote about it.

As always, look out for yourselves and your fellow bikers.

Ride safe!