Theft Protection

Theft Protection

Harley-Davidson® Theft Protection protects you and your motorcycle by deterring theft, aiding in recovery and, if necessary, helping you purchase a new motorcycle.

DataDot™ Technology is an innovative security marking system. Each 1mm sized DataDot™ has unique information etched into its surface. 500 DataDots™ are mixed with a UV/Blacklight sensitive adhesive that can be applied to any surface for permanent identification and marking. They are simple to apply and are recommended by police and insurance companies.

DataDots™ applied to parts of your motorcycle are registered in a secure database accessible to law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. The database cross-references the VIN and DataDots™ so that a recovered motorcycle will be returned as quickly as possible.

If your motorcycle is stolen and cannot be recovered, you'll receive up to $5,000 toward the purchase of a replacement motorcycle. No hassle and a new ride.*


Contact our F&I department or call us at (508) 563-7387 for details.

Please refer to the H-D™ Theft Protection Product Limited Warranty and Registration Application.